Hot Spot Workshop

What is a web-based “hot spot” workshop?  The benefit is to be able to join an international meeting without long traveling distances. Participants gather at several locations, “hot spots”, that are then connected via video and audio through a web software. There can be several “hot spots” within a country, or just one. This allows for joint presentations and discussions as well as separate discussions at the local hot spot.  A hot spot organizer invites participants to its own location, and acts as the host and has a hot spot moderator. 

A workshop with two purposes Exchange of knowledge of PFAS Risk Assessment is the topic of the workshop. However, the workshop is also a pilot exchange activity within the SOILveR platform to try out efficient ways of sharing and disseminating knowledge. We hope to get feedback from participants on the web-based “hot spot” workshop format.

Exchange actvities

SOILveR wants to efficiently share and disseminate knowledge, not only among the members of the platform, but also with other experts, policymakers and stakeholders. SOILveR believes in the value of exchanging knowledge to come to solutions for our daily practice. We will develop a set of activities to support the knowledge activities to try efficient ways of sharing and disseminating knowledge.