The SOILveR platform strongly believes in the need for integrated soil and land research and knowledge exchange in Europe. We acknowledge the added value of coordinating, co-funding and disseminating cross-border soil and land management research. SOILveR is a self-financed platform. The platform members have an common interest in sharing and implementing integrated multidisciplinary research. SOILveR builds on the experiences from other funding networks such as SNOWMAN and address knowledge needs identified by e.g. the Horizon 2020 project INSPIRATION and other initiatives as well as those proposed by the members of SOILveR.

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From knowledge to solutions

A Platform for European knowledge development and knowledge exchange on soil and land management

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Project - PREMISS

Priorisation of emerging chemical compounds in soils

Project - MISSOURI

Microplastics in Soil and groundwater : sources, transfer, metrology and impacts

Project - SOILval

Recognising SOil values in land use planning systems

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